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Discover the Best of Interlaken, Switzerland - A Summer Vacation Destination for Adventure and Scenic Beauty

Pramod Pramod Follow Sep 05, 2021 · 5 mins read
Discover the Best of Interlaken, Switzerland - A Summer Vacation Destination for Adventure and Scenic Beauty
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Interlaken, Switzerland is a top summer vacation spot for those seeking adventure and scenic beauty. Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Interlaken boasts stunning views of the mountains, pristine lakes, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for some gorgeous photo opportunities, Interlaken has something for everyone. With excellent public transportation connections, it’s easy to get around and visit all the must-see sights and attractions.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through a 3-day itinerary for the perfect summer vacation in Interlaken. With this itinerary, you’ll get to experience the best of Interlaken, from panoramic viewing platforms to charming mountain villages, from famous railway stations to stunning alpine lakes.

Which is the best time to visit Interlaken?

We visited the Interlaken on first week of September and it was not so crowded and the weather was pleasant with the temperature from 10°C to 23°C.

Best time to visit Interlaken region is between September to November and between March to May. In this season it is bit cheaper and less crowd in all the places.

How to travel to Interlaken?

We get to Interlaken by train from Zürich. There are many intercity trains from Zürich to Interlaken and with a change in Bern. Travel time from Zürich to Interlaken is approximately 2 hours depending on the train schedule.

We can also get to Interlaken via Lucerne, but it takes little longer with the beautiful scenery along the way.

If you are travelling from Zürich airport and wondering how to get to Interlaken then don’t worry, Swiss trains are also available from Zürich airport.

You can also rent a car from Zürich and drive to Interlaken for 120 km which can take around 90-120 mins.


Where to stay in Interlaken?

There are many apartments are available in Airbnb or booking.com. We booked the apartment with Hotel Toscana near to Interlaken west train station. The apartment is convenient to travel, cheaper and you find many restaurants in front of the apartment. You can get some discount as well if you book tickets at the reception of the hotel.

Which are the places must visit in Interlaken region?

Day 1: Start with a Visit to Harder Kulm and Lauterbrunnen Valley

Begin your adventure by visiting the Harder Kulm, a panoramic viewing platform offering breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. You can reach the platform by taking the funicular or by hiking up the trail. From Interlaken West train station, take the number 8 bus to the Harder Kulm stop and take the funicular up to the viewing platform. You can buy ticket from here: https://www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/harder-kulm/

Next, head to the town of Lauterbrunnen, renowned for its 72 waterfalls and stunning valley. Take a leisurely stroll, go for a swim in one of the many crystal-clear pools, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. Take the train from Interlaken West to Lauterbrunnen station, then walk or take a local bus to explore the different waterfalls and attractions in the valley.


In the evening, visit the charming mountain village of Mürren, a car-free village offering a unique blend of traditional Swiss architecture and modern amenities. Take the cogwheel railway from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren.


On day 2, visit the famous Jungfraujoch railway station located high in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

You can find more information in the official website: https://www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/jungfraujoch-top-of-europe/.

How to travel to Jungfraujoch?

From Interlaken there are 2 routes to reach to Jungfraujoch. One with the cable car and another with scenic train. We took cable car while going to Jungfraujoch and scenic train while coming back.

  1. Interlaken Ost - Grindlewald Terminal - Eiger Glacier - Jungfraujoch

    Every 30 mins there is a train from Interlaken Ost to Grindlewald terminal operated by Berner Oberland-Bahnen. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Grindlewald terminal. From here the cable car Eiger express for 20 minutes to reach Eiger Glacier. Then, Jungfraubahn takes you to Jungfraujoch in 30 minutes.

  2. Interlaken Ost - Lauterbrunnen - Kleine Scheidegg - Jungfraujoch

    For every 30 minutes, there is a train from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen. Here you need to change the train to Kleine Scheidegg operated by Wengernalpbahn. This total journey takes around 1 hour. From here you need to change to Jungfraubahn to reach Jungfraujoch.



Later, head to Lake Blausee for a relaxing afternoon. Surrounded by lush forests and meadows, Lake Blausee is the perfect place to go for a swim, have a picnic, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

lake Blausee

Day 3: Explore Lake Brienz and Iseltwald

On your final day in Interlaken, visit Lake Brienz and Iseltwald, two stunning alpine lakes located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Both lakes offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and are popular for their crystal-clear waters and beautiful scenery.

In Lake Brienz, take a relaxing boat tour or go for a swim in the refreshing waters. In Iseltwald, explore the charming village, relax on the beach, or enjoy a scenic walk along the lake. Take the train from Interlaken West to Brienz and take a boat tour or explore the town.


With excellent public transportation connections, it’s easy to get around and see all the sights without a car.

All of these destinations are easily accessible by public transportation, making it easy to get around and see all the sights without the need for a car. Additionally, there are several options for purchasing train tickets, including individual tickets for each journey or the Swiss Travel Pass, which offers unlimited travel on trains, buses, and boats throughout Switzerland.


Interlaken is a perfect summer vacation destination for those who love nature, scenic beauty, and adventure. With its stunning views of the Swiss Alps, pristine lakes, and breathtaking natural landscapes, it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing and rejuvenating summer vacation. So pack your bags, grab your cameras, and head to Interlaken for a trip you’ll never forget!

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